Professional placement service for the performing arts, music and entertainment

vom: 01.02.2010

Our advisors are specialists in the fields of stage, TV, film, entertainment and advertising. We are responsible for the placement in employment of performing artists and artistic technical personnel for stage and camera. The decision as to whether a performing artist is accepted by the Placement Service for the Performing Arts is based on his / her performance at one of our auditions or a comparable assessment by one of our experienced advisors. Phone Info-Center ZAV: 0228 713-1313

Actors, directors, dramaturges, stage designers, costume designers, all types of assistants, stage managers, prompters as well as managerial staff for theatres. We hold regular auditions for graduate performers from all German, Austrian and Swiss state training colleges and private drama schools. Successful participation is a prerequisite to be accepted into our candidate pool.
Musical theatre and orchestra
In particular, opera / operetta, choir, dance, musical and orchestra. Twice a year we organise presentations for young singers and musical performers. Our advisors are in close contact with international theatres and casting agencies, regularly attending performances and competitions. Our candidate pool also includes temporary staff and choir / orchestra temps. Our operatic department offers a Saturday service for theatres.
TV and Film
Actors, production managers, cameramen, sound engineers, costume designers and other specialised crew and staff for film / TV productions, image films as well as narrators for audio productions (radio dramas, audio books, synchronized speakers
Entertainment and Advertising
Bands, musicians, artists (show, artistry and entertainment), models, make-up artists, bit players and extras. Thanks to the expertise of our specialised advisors we are able to find the right artists for all types of music, show and fashion events.

Located in
Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Köln, Leipzig, München, Stuttgart

here you find a short film, which explains our work